Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Travel

Well,  I’m on the plane back to Grand Rapids.  I had a wonderful time in Sioux Center and Worthington catching up with family and friends.  Thanks to my Grandma Douma for letting me stay and her place a few nights and thanks to my mom for the great Sunday dinner!However, so many people asked about Jessica and the kids, so I really wish they could have been with me.  It makes me all the more anxious to go back in December with the whole family.  We miss our family and friends there very much, but as I told so many people this weekend we are really feeling settled and blessed in Grand Rapids.  This is where God wants us to be right now and we praise the Lord for that.

It was surreal to be back.  In some ways it seemed like I never left, but I have to keep reminding myself that we’ve only been away for four months.  It just seems like so much longer, I think, since our family has been through so many changes in that time.  Example, I stepped back into Faith CRC on Sunday morning and also went to go check my church mailbox!! =)

Tomorrow we are headed to Jessica’s family to celebrate Christmas over American Thanksgiving….so we are getting our holidays all mixed up.  But it will be great to see them again too.  It’s good to be so much closer for that trip.

Well, we are beginning our descent and it won’t be long before the stewardess will me to ‘turn off and stow my electronic device.’

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Beth said...

Thanks for the post, Michael. I felt as if I hardly got to see you, but I am glad that we had the opportunity to enjoy a dinner together. Glad your trip went well and now we hope your road travel to Ontario goes good, too. Believe me, no one is more excited than dad and myself to have you, Jess and the kids here in a month!! Love you lots, Mom