Friday, November 19, 2010

Grace Abounds

In seminary (particularly a reformed one like Calvin) we talk a lot about grace – what it is, where it comes from, how it manifests itself, etc.  So it’s something that I’ve done much listening and thinking about.

I had two experiences this week that proves (at least to me) that grace abounds if you’re willing to look for it and appreciate it when it presents itself

First of all, I got to the bus stop this week Monday morning and reached in my bag to get out my bus pass and it wasn’t there.  I had taken my wallet out the night before and forgot to put it back.  No pass and no fare money – now what?  I stepped on the bus and told my driver my dilemma, so which she replied, “Don’t worry about it.”   I smiled and said a hearty thank you and promised that I would swipe my card twice the next morning to which she replied again, “Don’t worry about it.”

The second one happened just this afternoon.  We had a turn signal light go out on our van.  I brought it a local repair shop that I’ve been using for oil changes and a few other minor things (new headlight, wiper blades, etc.) and asked if they could fix it.  He head guy, Fred, said he could he didn’t have the right lamp.  He said I could go down to the auto parts store at the end of the strip mall and buy one and he’d install it for me.  “Great!” I said, “I’ll be right back”.  The store had the correct lamp, so I spent my five bucks and headed back to the repair shop.  He got the front end apart and replaced it – he had to monkey with it a while but he got it – and put my headlamp lens back on.  I thanked him, and asked him, “How much?” to which he replied, “Don’t worry about it”.  “Are you sure?” I asked.  “Yep..have a good night”. 

Neither of these were a big deal and you could make the argument that in both cases, they were just practicing ‘good business’ and you’d be right.  However, the bigger point is that they didn’t have to do it.  The bus driver could have said that I wouldn’t be allowed to ride and she’d have been will within her rights.  Fred at the repair shop could have (and should have) charged me.

In both cases, they acted in kindness when they otherwise wouldn’t have had to.  These interactions with relative strangers have prompted me to not only looks for grace that abounds but also to make sure that I extend that same grace to others. 

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, Praise the Lord for his grace that abounds – and extend it to others – always.  Have a grace-full Thanksgiving brothers and sisters. 

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