Monday, November 8, 2010

A good weekend

It was a good weekend for the Ten Hakens. I had a really busy week at school with writing a few papers, work, and studying so when I got home at 5:00 on Friday afternoon I was ready to kick back.

Friday night was family night – Jessica made homemade pizza (a family favorite) and we all watched “Toy Story 3”.  I might have closed my eyes here and there but the kids really enjoyed it and we had a great evening together at home. 

On Saturday Jessica and I had the opportunity to go on a real live date – something we hadn’t done since March.  We sold our house in Sioux Center in April and since then our lives have been a complete whirlwind.  I would dare say that it’s only recently that we gotten into a regular routine and we were very excited about our night out. 

Anyway, back in September Jessica bought a ‘GroupOn’ for River City Improv.  They are a group of Calvin College grads that do improv comedy shows in Grand Rapids on Saturday nights.  So, Mark and Kelli offered to take the kids (overnight even!) and we had an evening to ourselves.  Jessica commented that this was the first night that she’s been away from Alex…21 months!

So we dropped the kids off and spent a few hours just walking around some of the unique shops along Wealthy Street and then went to Mangiamo for dinner.   Mangiamo is an Italian restaurant that is in  a refurbished mansion close to downtown.  We shared a wonderful meal in a great atmosphere and then laughed ourselves silly with the River City Improv group.  They’re hilarious!

Sunday morning we went to Holland to get the kids and went to church with Mark and Kelli and all the kids and had lunch at their house and spent a good portion of the afternoon hanging out with them.  It was fun!

After church at night, we all played a new card game called “Quiddler” that Mark and Kelli gave us.

So it was a great weekend – time as a  family, time as a couple,  time with siblings, niece, and nephew, and time in worship to our great God that makes it all possible. 


Beth said...

So glad that you had a good weekend. I know that Mark and Kelli enjoyed sharing time with you and the kids, too. It is so nice as a mom to know that my 'boys' and their families are spending time together, laughing together and sharing each others joys and burdens. Dad and I are truly blessed!!
Lots of Love, Mom

Paul said...

Gotta love those Date Nights!