Sunday, September 12, 2010


This week will be the first full week of school for everyone.  We had last week (a short one) to get our schedules sorted out and we think we’ve got a routine that will work for the whole crew.

Zachary has to be at school at 7:45, I’ve got to be at school by 7:55, and Bethany doesn’t have to be at school until 8:30, so what do we do about bedtimes and wake-up times?  We decided to have them go to bed and get up at the same time (well, Zach gets to stay up a little later since he doesn’t seem to need as much sleep as Bethany).  So at 6:50am their alarms go off.  Mine goes off at 6:00 and I’m generally showered, dressed, and had my coffee and devotions by the time they come down around 7:00 dressed for school. 

After breakfast and our goodbyes, Zachary and I hop on our bikes at around 7:30 and head to school.  He has about a seven minute ride to school and I got about a 20 minute, 3-mile ride.  After we leave, Bethany sits down and practices her piano and violin before school and then about 8:20 or so Jessica put her and Alex in the car and brings her to school.

Zachary gets home about 3:00 and does his piano and bass practicing right away and is done with that by the time Jessica has picked up Bethany for school (she gets out at 3:35).  After a snack,  they usually play outside with their friends or watch some TV. 

I get home around 5:00 and we do the usual…play with Alex, supper, relax, play, and/or homework with the kids, packing lunches and bags, and then baths/showers and bed from 8:00 to 8:30.  After bedtime, I usually head downstairs for some studying and come up about 10:00 for some TV, time with Jessica, and much needed sleep.

Jessica’s day is filled with keeping track of Alex, making sure everyone is where they need to be, errands,  grocery shopping, and general household engineering.  She’s the greatest.

So  that’s a day in the life….stay tuned for more gripping tales from the Family Ten Haken.

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