Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Regular Classes Begin

Regular classes started for three of the five of us this week.  Zachary and Bethany had their first day on Tuesday and by all accounts it went very well.  Their were things to get used to, of course, but they both seemed to enjoy their teachers and said they’ve been making friends.  Of course, mom and dad always want to know more than what they tell us, but from what we can get out of them they’re doing fine.  Both of them are taking Spanish which is great, but new.  Zachary really likes his science teacher, Mr. DeBoer.  He has also decided to play the string bass in the orchestra so he goes to practice a few days a week for that as well.  Bethany is practically begging to ride her bike to school like Zach gets to, but so far, we haven’t let her.  It’s still quite a hike, but to her it’s mom and dad being to protective. 

My first day of regular classes was today.  I started out at 8AM with Hebrew.  This first class wasn’t hard, but I think overall, Hebrew will be a very challenging course for me.  It’s something that I’m going have to be very diligent and consistent with, committing time to it every day.  After convocation I had Bible Survey which will be a very interesting course exploring each book of the Bible for its major themes and ideas.  I’m looking forward to that class.    I also meet with my mentor group on Wednesday afternoons which we did today.  Tomorrow I have Church History I and will spend a few hours in the Admissions Office. 

It will be a different kind of schedule for me again, keeping all of my assignments and coursework straight.  I’ll just have to be really organized, I guess.

Oh, and Jessica went back to school today too – sort of.  She got called to substitute teach this morning in the 4th grade at Dutton Christian School for a sick teacher.  That went well for her and she has already been put on the schedule for later in the month.

   Those last minute calls require some creative maneuvers to coordinate schedules but we found a way today – even if it meant strapping Bethany’s bike to Alex’s burley behind my bike to get her from school so she had something to ride home, since Jessica had the car for work!  Yep, it was quite the sight, I’m sure.

So that’s a day in the life of the Ten Haken family and a microcosm of what the school year will look like for us all.  Stay tuned for more details.


Caroline said...

Michael,I really enjoy reading your blogs. I am sure it takes some doing when everyone goes a different direction and only one car. But it seems it is all going well. Love, Grandma

Beth said...

And I think I am 'busy'. What a joke! So glad you are doing well. Who watched Alex when Jess taught? Have you had to take the bus to seminary yet...or just your bike so far? It has been raining here for the past 15 hours, so it is definitely not 'bike weather' here. I am sure we will call soon, but just wanted to tell you to keep blogging. It is the best way to keep up with you and your schedule.
Love you all...Mom

Kelli TenHaken said...

Glad things went well for the first full week of school for everyone! Give the kiddos a hug for us :)

Paul Ten Haken said...

Did you know that a rat can go longer without water than a camel? You can use that in a sermon some day.