Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Friday was my last day of “Gateway Orientation” and it went very well.  It consisted of hearing 5 sermons in 5 days followed by a time of Q&A and analysis of the passage with each preacher.  It was a good exercise and we heard some really great sermons.  All of them were good preachers and each message was very different, which was great to see and hear.

I also found out that I passed my Reformed Confessions placement test.  That means that I tested out of that class so I’ll get the credit for it without having to take the class.  That is great for several reasons – first, taking the test only cost me $50 whereas taking the class would have cost me $1150; second, it means one less class I have to take this semester so I can ease into this a little more and will be able to balance work and home and (last but not least) Hebrew; third, it gave me a little confidence that maybe I can do this school thing after all!

Anyway, this weekend will be just a time to relax before we start school in earnest.  Zachary and Bethany start school on Tuesday and I’ll begin regular classes on Wednesday.  Each of the kids’ schools had open houses this week where the got to see their rooms and meet their teachers.  I think they’re ready for school to start and we feel good about their schools and teachers.

The biggest thing to get used to is that Zachary’s school day starts and ends 45 minutes before Bethany’s.  This affects how we do bedtime and morning routines and after school routines,  but I think we’ve got it all worked out.  We’ll know soon enough….

We don’t have any weekend plans really, we will get some things organized for school and run a few errands.   On Labor Day there is a little celebration downtown that we’ll most likely go to.  They’ve got activities for the kids and the Gerald R. Ford museum is free that day so we’ll check that out too.

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Beth said...

Glad to hear that school went well for Zach and Bethany. Hope your week goes well too. Thanks for the anniversary wishes. We are still trying to make plans to come out in October. Drive through the night on the 6th and we will have to be back home on the 11th. Give hugs and kisses to all!!