Friday, June 4, 2010

Moving out...

We've started packing and moving in earnest this week. Tonight my cousin, Gabe, came over and we got the piano moved as well as a number of large items from the basement...thanks, Gabe! Monday and Tuesday will involve more moving and cleaning and we close on Wednesday.

Our temporary quarters until we leave on July 9th are two apartments that Dordt College owns that we are staying in. They are part of an 8-plex and we are living in two one bedroom apartments. One is downstairs and one up and they are connected via a hallway. Jessica and I and Alex will sleep and live in one and the older two kids will sleep in another. Yep, my ten and eight year-olds are getting their own place. Maybe I should have them pay rent!

The kids have been doing very well with all of this. Today was the last day of school and they both received some nice farewells from their friends and classmates. Sioux Center Christian is a great organization and they will be missed and we will miss them. I'm glad we told the kids about all of this back in January. They've had a long time to process it and that's been good for them.

We are making other plans to move, like canceling phone and internet service. To that end, I should share our new contact information. As of June 9th you can reach us via phone at: 616-953-6116 or via e-mail at: . Our mailing address won't change until later in July.

That's the latest from here...thanks to all of you for your support and prayers!

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