Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello's and Goodbye's

We've had a few goodbyes this week -- on Sunday, our bible study group at church threw a party for us and another couple in our group that is also leaving this summer. When we first started that group it was 1997 and all of the couples that we started with were there on Sunday except for one. When we first started we have six couples and no kids. On Sunday there were more than a dozen families represented with nearly 30 children. The Lord has blessed us all!

Tonight we had a 'goodbye grill-out' with some of our neighbors. It was great to get together with them as well. We are going to miss them. We've been blessed to have a great community to live in these last several years.

I've also had the opportunity to say some hellos this week. I received my first syallbus via e-mail from one my professors. I had a question about it, so I e-mailed him, introduced myself and asked my question. In the process my question got passed on to a few folks within the seminary so I got to send an e-mail hello to a few of them as well. I'm looking forward to introcuing myself to them and others in person.

So we have our feet firmly planted in both places right now and it all a little unsettling. We are looking forward to getting planted more permanently in a few weeks.

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