Thursday, February 18, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

So now that we've decided we'll be heading to Grand Rapids this summer, a number of other things need to get decided -- schools for the older two kids, a new church home, housing, income, even health insurance -- I guess this is what living by faith feels like!

Well, a few weeks back we drove to Grand Rapids and spent a few days taking it all in. We'd done some research online prior to the trip so we were pretty sure we wanted send the kids to Grand Rapids Christian and we knew the neighborhoods we wanted to look at for housing. We stayed with my brother and his family in Zeeland and commuted daily to GR where we visited the kids' schools, the seminary, and spent some time with a realtor looking at housing options.

We had decided that if we could come home with some questions answered about housing (rent? buy? sem housing?) and leave the kids' school visits feeling good, we'd consider it a successful trip. Well, we accomplished that and more by not only getting some housing questions answered, but actually securing a place to live and signing a 3-year lease. It's a big two-story house on a large corner lot. It's only about a half-mile from Zach's school, about one mile from Bethany's and about 2.5 miles from the seminary. It's really close to the bus stop so I'm hoping to use public transportation.

So, with schools and housing decided, next comes income -- a job for Jessica (we're looking into a few leads) and maybe a little something for me. We'll see what the Lord provides. We're still researching health insurance options and we've identified a fwe churches in the nieghborhood we'd like to visit.

For a planner/preparer like me, the Lord is challenging me with the whole living by faith thing! I'm truly learning to "trust and obey."

Here are a couple of pics of the house we're going to be living in:

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