Thursday, December 11, 2008


Yesterday I went, with some friends, to visit a mutual friend who was in the hospital. He had back surgery the day before and was doing remarkably well. The hospital was about an hour away so that gave us a chance to visit during the drive -- up and back.

We came to the conclusion, that there isn't enough togetherness in our lives anymore -- at least for us. We don't dare have people over for coffee and a chat, because, my house isn't clean enought or nice enough, or I don't have the right food, and the list is really pretty endless.

I (we) wondered what would happen if we just got over ourselves and made the effort. Invite someone new over, get to know them. There's a new neighbor down the street? drop off some cookies -- who cares if you bought them. The point is facebook and blogging is not 'social' . We may call it 'social media', but it's no more social than getting a letter in the mail. We need to get out and meet the people!

Well, I better take my own advice! I wonder if my next door neighbor needs a cup of sugar?

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