Sunday, August 15, 2010

Backyard Fire

We arrived back at home safe and sound after a great week with Jessica’s family in Ontario.  The only snafu was a LONG wait at the border – nearly two hours to go two miles.  It’s good to be home and settled back in here.

Tonight we had a bonfire in the backyard.  Several of the neighborhood kids joined us as well and Jessica and I took the opportunity to talk with them a little more in depth.

   In fact, all of them are invited to a birthday party this week and they are all very excited.

Since our kids became friends with all of them, they now all play together which has been great.Since we live on the corner in between several houses with children our kids can run in just about any direction and play.  Also, since we are centrally located, the kids all usually end up playing in our yard, which we really like.  It turns out that they rarely, if ever, all played together prior to our arrival here.  It seems, as one little boy put it, “you moving into this house has brought us all together.”

So it’s really our children that have been the catalyst for developing relationships here in the neighborhood and we are glad about that. I hope that we can continue to develop and deepen those friendships with the kids and with their parents. 

Ministry can happen alot of ways…even around the campfire with 5 pre-teen kids!

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