Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Anniversary Bats

Monday (the 2nd) was our 13th anniversary. I spent the morning golfing with my dad and brother -- I'm such a romantic -- and then in the afternoon we went to the zoo with my parents, Mark and Kelli, and all the kids.

We got home from there about six and after we got the kids fed and in bed Jessica and I settled in for a late dinner and a movie. However, our movie was rudely interrupted by a bat flying through the living room and scaring both of us half to death. After trying to chase it out the door with a blanket it found its way onto the top of the frame of the door leading upstairs.

After much debate about the best way to get him out, including tennis rackets and pillow cases, I settled on my winter boots. So I grabbed one out of the closet, turned on the lights to blind him, hit him over the head as hard as I could, and killed him...dead.

Now, one would think the my wife would label me the hero of the evening. But no, not Jessica...instead I was chastised for killing one of God's creatures. I reminded her that we needed to go to sleep later that night and asked her if she would do so knowing there was a bat flying around the living room. After admitting that she would not, I apologized for having to kill him and firmly decided that if it was between her getting a good nights sleep and the bat staying alive, sleep wins.

So that's our lucky 13th anniversary story. I hope it's the last bat I have to deal with on our anniversary day or any other day for that matter!


Josh said...

I have a swamp in the woods behind my house, and bats can eat like 5000 mosquitoes per night, so I would have to agree with your wife.

In my experience, a laundry basket and a piece of plywood work well for a safe capture and return to the wild.

Sleep well, murderer.

Kelli TenHaken said...

Funny stuff! I am glad he is dead. I would never be able to sleep knowing that thing was loose in my house.