Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Lately we've been experiencing a few 'lasts'....Jessica's last GEMS meeting, Bethany's last orchestra concert, the last day of Sunday school, our last parent-teacher conference, our last Bible study, etc. It's not that we won't ever experience those things again, it's just that we won't experience them here -- in Sioux Center. I'm not necessarily sad about that. But it is strange to think about.

I never really pictured us moving away, we're happy here. I guess it's good that I've never felt the need to 'get out of dodge'. For me, that's been part of the whole process -- coming to grips with the fact that being comfortable, being happy, doesn't necessarily mean you should stay where you're at. We should always be challenging ourselves to try new things.

Being too comfortable usually means that you stop asking questions -- life becomes predictable, safe, maybe even easy. We like routine, patterns, consistency. Life is harder when those things aren't there--or is it? Maybe life isn't really harder, just different. And maybe, just maybe, different could be better.

So we will continue to have more and more lasts over the next few weeks (council meetings, work days, school days, Sundays) but maybe that's a good thing. I've been playing that line from "Closing Time" by Semisonic in my head a lot this week, "Every new beginning, comes from some other beginnings end."

This is a new beginning. It's also an uncertain one....and that's OK by me, because the One who is never uncertain and infinitely dependable is going with us. And that's all the certainty I need.

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