Tuesday, March 16, 2010


We've been doing a lot of waiting lately. I think there a many different kinds of waiting -- you can be waiting with anticipation or excitment or fear or worry or any number of other emotions. You can wait because you want to (I don't want to decide) or because you have to (when will the phone ring?).

Right now, we're waiting because we have to:

1. For word on our financial aid package from Calvin.
2. For Alex to take his first steps.
3. For a call about whether or not Jessica will get an interview for a job she's applied for.
4. For our house to sell.
5. For spring to get here!

Waiting is difficult for me. It makes me ask too many questions and worry too much. God is good at making us wait. He made Israel 'wait' 40 years...you'd think I could do forty days! Wait is not a four letter word -- well, it is, but you know what I mean -- it teaches us to trust Him more completely. It teaches us prayer, dependence, and hope.

In our "give it to me now" society....we all need to learn to wait better. Here's to waiting...

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Paul said...

I hear ya, friend! At least we know God is in control of all things!