Friday, January 6, 2012

Update from Pamukkalee

Right now I am writing from and a resort hotel in southwest Turkey. Today was our first day of sight seeing and learning and it was fantastic. We started out in Izmir and traveled to Sardis where we saw a huge temple to the Greek goddess Artemis. We also saw a large gymnasium and the largest Jewish synagogue ever discovered. We had a lesson about the letter to the church th as found in Revelation inside the ruins of that synagogue.

From there we traveled to Philadelphia and had lunch at a cafe there. I had lamb kabobs and Turkish coffee. After a brief stop at a site there we traveled to the site of ancient Laodecia and there was a lot to see there. A large temple, a famous east/west road called the Syrian road, and two large roman theatres. It's amazing to sit and look down at a stage where gladiators fought and executions occurred over 2000 years ago!

It's only been one day and I've already learned so much. I am excited to be here and looking froward to more. I cannot upload photos now, so that will have to wait until after I get back. Thanks few,

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Beth TenHaken said...

What an experience. I begin my morning with reading your intinerary as to where you will be that day. It was too much to all take in at one time, so I like to check out what your day will hold and pray for you...and all my family and friends...after reading that. It is wonderful to hear from you. Post when you can.
Love you lots!! Mom (and Dad)