Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Well, the three of us (Zachary, Bethany, and Michael) are officially all done with school!  It was a good year for all three of us.  We’ve all got our report cards and the kids and I are very happy with the results.  The Lord has blessed us!

So now, the fun can begin.  Jessica’s parents came for a visit for a few days.  They were here Friday – Tuesday and they brought with them our nephew, Marshall and niece, Michaela.  Marshall is the same age as Zachary and Michaela is the same age as Bethany and when they get together they are best of friends.  It was fun to have them around and we had a good time.  Jessica’s parents got the opportunity to hear me preach on Sunday night and we had a bonfire, went to the beach, did crafts and went out for dinner. 

On Monday Jessica and I took a trip to Detroit for her naturalization interview with the US Department of Immigration and Naturalization.  She passed her interview with flying colors and is now one step closer to being a bona fide citizen of the US of A. 

However, we got nervous when we arrived at the interview and Jessica realized that she didn’t have her Green Card with her which is probably the single most important thing to have in that interview.  But even though the Immigration Officer that interviewed her made it very clear he was not happy about that oversight he did conduct the interview regardless and approved her for naturalization.  So now we are awaiting final approval and notification of her swearing in ceremony.    I was hoping it would be all done by the 4th of July but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

On Friday my parents are coming for a long weekend.  My dad will be here for Father’s Day which will be great.  There have been so many times throughout this process of transitioning where we have been thankful for the love and support of family.  We continue to be very appreciative of their support and love it when they come to visit.

If any of you will be in the greater Grand Rapids area this summer we’d love to hear from you and see if we can arrange a get-together.  Have a great summer everyone!


Paul said...

Would love to stop bye...just a bummer you moved a few states from where we are driving to! Glad all went well!

Kelli TenHaken said...

Looking forward to see you guys this weekend!