Thursday, May 5, 2011

Busy Week

I’m a day late on my post.  I usually like to get one up at last once a week, so I’m a day late.

The Ten Haken Family has been busy this last week.  Here’s a quick recap:

Friday night we hosted three college girls at our house who were at the seminary for a workshop Friday night and Saturday.  We didn’t get to know that really since they got here about 9:30 on Friday night and were gone again by 8:30 the next morning.  But they had a place to sleep and take a shower.

Saturday I attended a campout with Zachary and his Cadet group from church.  The Grand Rapids East Cadet Corp owns approximately 150 acres of woods south of Grand Rapids where they hold a campouts and other events.  So we were out there this weekend with about 15 other church Cadet groups from Grand Rapids. 

I’m still getting used to having this many CRC’s in such close proximity.  There are so many things that can be done differently because resources can be pooled.  It’s pretty amazing.

But I couldn’t stay overnight since Sunday morning was our Friendship Ministries Celebration at Plymouth Heights CRC.  So I took Marcus (the young man I’ve been working with this year) to church there and we participated in the service a little bit.  It was nicely done.

Monday night Zachary had a school choir concert and Tuesday night was his school orchestra concert.  Both were very well done and we are feeling very good about having our kids enrolled at Grand Rapids Christian.

So that’s a bit about we’ve been up to the last few days and in between I’m finishing up my semester and Jessica’s been doing a fair bit of subbing. 

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Beth TenHaken said...

Busy is right! Wish I was there to help out with the kids more often.
Dad and I would love to have gone to the music productions. I love those kinds of things!! Thank you again for remembering me on Mother's Day. It was my first Mother's Day, I think, without you and your family here and it seemed a bit odd. We did have a lovely day, though, and enjoyed Paul, Jill, Jade, Max, as well as Grandma D, Ned, Judy, Kathy and Leon. Had our first hamburger fry of this season and had a nice day. Hope you did as well. And I hope your schedule calms...just a little!!

Lots of Love and looking forward to time with you in June, Mom