Friday, April 15, 2011


A few days ago I wrote a brief entry about just about being finished with my first year at seminary.  That got me reminiscing about this entire journey and how/when it all got started.  One of the many reasons I decided to start this blog was so that we’d have some sort of journal about this whole adventure that we could some day look back on and remember.  You know, a photo album in words.

So today, I took a few minutes and did exactly that…I looked back, just to see how far we’d come.  And I found an entry from exactly one year ago today.  So I’ve reposted it below.  As I read it now, it seems so long ago.  But it sure is fun to read and ‘remember when…’

I hope you all find it fun too…It certainly shows that God has been good to us this past year. 

Oh, and just to prove there really is nothing new under the sun, today I signed and turned in my financial aid award for 2011-12.


Thursday, April 15, 2010


Our move gets more and more 'real' everyday. Tonight we filled out the paperwork to enroll the kids in their new school -- Grand Rapids Christian, last week I signed and sent my financial aid award from Calvin Seminary, and we're busy deciding which summer rec activities the kids will be able to participate in here.
My parents are headed to Michigan to visit my brother and his family early next month and offered to take some our stuff-- our stuff -- in Michigan...crazy! Oh, and I just made a for sale sign for my pickup since we're not planning to take that with us.
A few weeks ago I ordered some Greek textbooks and flashcards online and they came last week. I started using them to dust off my Greek skills and it's starting to come back surprisingly well.
Tonight at supper we asked the kids how they were feeling about things and neither of them really knew what to say. I think for them it's all still very uncertain and unclear. At the same, neither have ever complained about leaving...they've been great. So that is making us feel good as well.

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