Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Well, it seems as though I’m moving further and further down the path of being a pastor everyday.  I’m not sure why this surprises me, after all, that’s the point, right!

Last week, I filled out the application form to receive my license to exhort.  So hopefully that gets approved.  I gave my first sermon this week to my classmates and I seemed to go pretty well.  I felt good about it, at least.   And today, I got asked by our pastor at Seymour Church when I’d like to be on the schedule for preaching this summer.  Whoa…hold the phone.  I just wrote my first sermon!  But it’s all part of the process, so I’m going to embrace it and do the best I can with the gifts God has given.  After all, that’s what he asks of all of us.

So I’ll keep taking steps and following where the Lord leads and we’ll see where it all ends up.

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Beth TenHaken said...

Dad and I are so happy for you and that you are this far on this journey!! It will be great to hear you deliver the Word this summer.
Love and Prayers, Mom