Sunday, February 6, 2011

Getting a haircut–God’s way

I have a love-hate relationship with my hair.  I love my hair but I hate getting it cut.  So I usually let it get too long before I finally decide that it’s time.  In addition, I’m also very distrusting of barbers or whatever you want to call them.  I’ve had my share of bad haircuts in my life and so it is with much fear and trepidation that I search to find a new one.  Since moving to Grand Rapids in July I’ve gotten my haircut exactly three times and two of those times I was less than pleased with the results.

A couple Saturdays ago we had my mentoring group over to our house for a meal and I got to talking with our fearless leader, Dave.  He asked where we were going to church and when I mentioned Seymour he said that the guy who cuts his hair, Scott, has been visiting there with his family for the last several months.  I was due for another trim so I listened with interest.  Dave said they were hoping to meet some new people in the church and he said I should be on the lookout for him. I assured him that I would.

Enter God – the following Sunday we were in church and we arrived late so we sat further toward the back than we normally would have.  During the ‘mutual greeting’ time at the beginning a gentlemen sitting behind us came over and introduced himself to Jessica and I as ‘Scott’.  I asked him if happened to cut hair and he indicated with surprise that he did.  So after church I found him again and we chatted briefly, I told him that Dave was one of my mentors, and told him I’d be in for a trim.  So yesterday, I made good on my word and went and got my haircut at Scott’s Barber and Beauty on the corner of 44th and Division.

It’s amazing how you can see God’s hand even in the pews we choose to sit in on Sunday mornings. Had we not sat there that morning, I might still not have met Scott and, consequently, my hair would have gotten obnoxiously long.  I wonder how many people would have the opportunity to meet someone new right in their own church if they would just sit in a different seat. 

It’s remarkable what we can find when we step out of our comfort zones. Jesus left his seat, his ‘comfort zone’, at the right of hand of the Father to provide salvation for all. How much more shouldn’t we be willing to find a new place and a new way to reach out to others.  Christ is our ultimate example of what being a disciple is all about.  It’s about trusting God and living the words, ‘not my will, but yours be done’.  No matter what the cost.

Blessings certainly await those who step out in faith in big ways and in small ones.  So step out in faith and find a new seat.  You never know who might end up sitting behind you.

Oh, and the haircut was a great one – even Jessica approved.  I’ve found my new barber here in Grand Rapids. 


Paul said...

You could have shaved it! :)

Beth said...

I am glad you didn't shave your head......and glad you found a barber and a friend. We miss you all and will be glad to see you in March. By the way, it is 20 degrees below zero here today.

Lots of Love......Mom