Thursday, January 6, 2011


J-Term started this week.  This is a three week interim set of courses in between semesters.  I've got three of them: 

Pastoral Identity – which carries over into 2nd semester.  We look at who are as persons in order to make some determinations about what are strengths and weaknesses might be particularly in the area of pastoral care.

Intro to Logos 4 – Logos 4 is the software program that all CTS students are required to purchase.  It’s a powerful program that has hundreds of resources that combine different biblical translations, commentaries and handbooks, original language guides and all kinds of other helps to aid sermon preparation and exegesis.  I’ve been using it just a little first semester and am looking forward to being able to put it to better use. 

Greek Review – The last time I seriously picked up Greek was at Dordt approximately twelve years ago.  Since I did take it there, I don’t have to take it for credit at Calvin.  However, I did want to brush up and reacquaint myself with the language.  This is not only good for me, it’s also necessary in order to do better in my New Testament exegetical courses next year.  I’m surprised by how much is coming back to me and scared about how much I don’t know… =)

Logos and Greek meet for just over two hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next three weeks.  The pastoral identity class is a three-hour night class on Wednesday nights.  So I’ve got Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to do homework, help around the house, and do some work in the admissions office.

School started for the older two kids on Monday.  They were excited to back at school and see their friends again…which made us glad.  It’s only three days into the semester and Jessica has already subbed for half a day today and all day tomorrow.  Lately, she has been requested by specific teachers, because she’s doing such a great job. 

Back to school for everybody….

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